The San Mateo County Sheriff's Homeland Security Division works daily around the clock by air, land and sea to prepare and protect our residents from a range of threats. These threats include terrorism, natural disasters, hazardous materials, global disease outbreaks and other emergencies. These operations are carried out 24/7 through the Area Office of Emergency Services and the Emergency Services Bureau.

The coming winter may bring significant storms to our area.  In preperation for the posibilities of severe weather and flooding a brochure has been prepared with winter weather tips.  Coastside Winter Weather Flier    

Here is a list of locations where sand or sandbags are available. Master Sandbag Location List

Download San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Homeland Security Division 2016 - 2017 Annual Report click here.

Upcoming Events

Train on the Train Exercise
SMC Alert assistance

If you are having issues with SMC Alert then this is the opportunity to meet with the chief system administrator and potentially have the difficulties you are encountering solved on the spot.

September ESC Administrative Committee Meeting

Representatives set the agenda for the September 21 Emergency Services Council Meeting

September Emergency Services Council Meeting

Representatives from the Cities and Towns comprising the OES JPA have their quarterly meeting

Basic WebEOC - Crisis Management Software

This two hour class give the basics of using WebEOC Crisis Management Software. You will learn the basics of logging into and navigating the menus as well as making log entries and placing... read more »