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The Area Office of Emergency Service (OES) coordinates countywide preparedness, response and protection services and activities for large-scale incidents and disasters.

OES is responsible for alerting and notifying appropriate agencies within the County's 20 cities when disaster strikes; coordinating all agencies that respond; ensuring resources are available and mobilized in times of disaster; developing plans and procedures in response to and recovery from disasters; and developing and providing preparedness materials for our residents.

OES Organization Chart

Staff Members

Captain Mark Wyss, Homeland Security Director

During his more than 27 years with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, Mark Wyss has served in a number of capacities, including: correctional officer, patrol deputy, training officer, special agent/undercover officer and Team Leader for the SWAT Team.

He began his career in 1984 as a part-time Group Supervisor and was then promoted to Correctional Officer and then Deputy Sheriff in 1989. During his early years with the Sheriff's Office, Mark worked a number of assignments, including Patrol in Redwood City and East Palo Alto. He was then assigned as a Special Agent to the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force, serving in all narcotics investigation capacities. With his promotion to Sergeant, Mark returned to Corrections and from there back to Narcotics as the Task Force's Administrative Supervisor. In 2002, Mark was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and remained in place at San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force as Commander until his promotion to Captain in 2008. As Captain, he has commanded the Sheriff's Office's Support Services, Operations and Investigations Divisions. When the Homeland Security Division was created, Mark was selected as the Division Captain and currently serves as the Commander of both the Homeland Security Division and the Area Office of Emergency Services. Mark also commands a multi-agency Weapons of Mass Destruction SWAT Team referred to as the San Mateo County Terrorism Counter Assault Team, a position to which he was appointed by the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff's Association.

Lieutenant Jeff Kearnan, OES Director

Jeff Kearnan is the Director of the Area Office of Emergency Services and the Emergency Services Bureau under the Sheriff's Office Homeland Security Division. He also manages ten volunteer Search and Rescue Units, including Air Squadron, Dive, Marine and Cliff Rescue. Jeff formerly held the position of Assistant Deputy Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center focusing on Homeland Security for the Coastal Region. He is also the commander of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Regional SWAT Team. In addition to these duties, Jeff manages the Urban Area Security Initiative Federal Grant Program and the State Homeland Security Grant Program for the San Mateo County Operational Area. His experience with emergency management and liaison building and preparedness is proven by his successful relationships with partners in the Private Sector Fire, EMS, Health and Law.

Jeff holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Management and has been with the Sheriff's Office for twenty-three years. Prior to the Sheriff's Office, Jeff served in the U.S. Air Force overseas and the California National Guard.

Deputy David Wozniak, Alert & Warning Coordinator

Deputy Wozniak came to the Sheriff's Office in 1989 as a Sheriff's Explorer. Deputy Wozniak worked as volunteer until he was hired as a Correctional Officer in 1995 and promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1998.

Since becoming a Deputy in 1998, Deputy Wozniak has worked in Courts, Corrections, Transportation, Patrol, Undercover Narcotics and most recently the Office of Emergency Services. Deputy Wozniak has also served as an explorer advisor and unit leader to the former STARS program (Sheriff's Team of Active Retired Seniors).

Deputy Wozniak is the Alert and Warning Coordinator in OES. In that capacity, he trains city staff how to use various alerting solutions (SMCALERT) to notify and inform city employees and citizens throughout San Mateo County.

Christine Co, Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Co joined the Sheriff's Office in March 2012 following a 15 year career working with the Millbrae Police Department. While at the Millbrae Police Department, Christine held a variety of jobs, including: Evidence and Property Manager, Dispatcher, Records Clerk, Court Liaison Officer and Crime Prevention Officer. She is trained in crime scene investigation, evidence collection, preservation and management and is one of the few people nationwide to be Internationally Certified.

Christine initiated a Volunteer Program at the Millbrae Police Department to assist police personnel with administrative tasks, thereby freeing them to focus on prevention and enforcement duties. This success was followed by her expansion of the program to include Patrol Volunteers to provide additional “eyes and ears” in the community though residential, business and school district volunteer patrols. Since joining the Sheriff's team, Christine has expanded the Sheriff’s Volunteer Program by providing clerical assistance in numerous areas of the Sheriff’s jurisdiction and Patrol duties throughout San Mateo County.

Daniel Bennett, Equiment & Logistics

Daniel Bennett began his career with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office in 1998 as a volunteer member of the OES Communications Team. In 2001, he joined the Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team and quickly moved up in the units becoming quite skilled in the field of Logistics and Emergency Communications. In 2003, Dan accepted the OES contract job to work with and track grant items that had been purchased by the County of San Mateo.

In 2008, Dan was offered a full time position in the Emergency Services Bureau and has spent the past five years as a day-to-day contact for the 300 plus Sheriff's Volunteers as well as a Logistics Specialist for the Sheriff's Office. Among his many duties, he oversees four Mobile Command Post / Communications vehicles as well as numerous other response vehicles and trailers. Additionally, Dan is the Co-unit Liaison for the Sheriff's Communication Unit Volunteers, as well as an Associate Explorer Advisor for the two Sheriff's Explorer posts.

Kathleen Pape, Fiscal & Grant Administrator

Kathy Pape joined the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services (OES) in 1999 and is presently responsible for the administration of the Homeland Security and Urban Area Security Initiative Grants and the Emergency Management Program Grant. The administration of the grants requires Kathy work closely with city and county departments, the City of San Francisco and other counties within the Bay Area. She also works directly with the California Office of Emergency Services' Grant Division and the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center for grant related items. She is responsible for purchasing, accounting and working with end users to ensure that both federal and state guidelines and regulations are followed.

In addition to the grant administration, Kathy serves as the Clerk of the Board for the Emergency Services Council and is responsible for all administrative tasks. She also works on the Sheriff's budget related to grants and writes Board Memos and Resolutions for OES.

Don Mattei, District Coordinator Supervisor

Don Mattei is a Supervisor with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Homeland Security and Office of Emergency Services. Prior to this position, Don was with the City of Belmont for more than 35 years in both the Park and Recreation and Police Departments. He was the Police Chief for the City of Belmont for last nine of his thirty-year career there, serving in all Department capacities.

Throughout most of his career, Don has been involved in SWAT, EOC Development and Emergency Management. He is also very involved in a number of mental health programs in the County and was instrumental in forming the foundation for a number of programs, such as Field Crises Committee, SMART Program, CIT and the Inebriate Recovery protocol. He is a trained Sociologist and is considered a Subject Matter Expert in the interface of law enforcement and mental systems. Don has a Master Degree, graduated from the FBI National Academy and US Army War College NSS and taught Sociology at NDNU for 5 years.

Stephen Mahaley, District Coordinator

Steve has been an Emergency Services Coordinator with the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services since 2006. Steve brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in public safety and emergency management. Prior to his career in the Sheriff's OES, he was a firefighter with the U.S. Air Force Fire and Emergency Services for twenty years and then an Emergency Management Coordinator at Stanford University. He has been involved in disaster response and recovery ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Steve has BS degree in Fire Administration from Cogswell Polytechnical College, in Sunnyvale, CA. He is also a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) with the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and certified by FEMA as a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP).

Brian Molver, District Coordinator

Brian has been an Emergency Services Coordinator with the OES since 1999 and specializes in training and event planning. He is a trained Firefighter/EMT with both private and public sector emergency management experience. Brian's instructor experience spans almost 20 years, and his uniquely interactive presentations and teaching style is notably engaging, especially for those National Incident Management System and Standardized Emergency Management System classes and preparedness talks that can be detailed and seemingly overwhelming. He also offers community hazards preparedness and survival talks on a regular basis, emphasizing the importance of neighbor helping neighbor.

Two of Brian's major response assignments include the 2007 Southern California Fires at the State/Federal Joint Field Office in Pasadena and the 2010 Glenview Fire/pipeline explosion in City of San Bruno's Emergency Operations Center. Prior to his career in the Sheriff's OES, Brian was the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Jeffrey Norris, District Coordinator

Jeff has been an Emergency Services Coordinator with the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services since 2004 and an active member of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team since 1978. Jeff brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in public safety and from the private sector. Prior to his career in the Sheriff's OES, he was an industrial manufacturing engineer for several high tech firms in the bay area. Jeff is primarily assigned to technology related projects due to his background. Jeff has a BS in Industrial Technology Engineering from San Jose State University and has attended both a firefighting academy and level II reserve police officer academy.

Jill Schaeffer

Jill is a Planner contracted by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services since January of 2013. Jill comes to us from the Seattle area where she was the Director of Emergency Management for a non-profit healthcare organization where she was responsible for developing and implementing a standardized organization-wide emergency management program consisting of five hospitals, 100+ outpatient clinics, and 11,000 employees across four counties. Jill is experienced in thedevelopment ofplans, policies, procedures, training, and exercises for mitigation of, response to, and recovery from a variety of incidences. Jill has a BA in Emergency Management from Antioch University and is a certified Master Exercise Practitioner from the Emergency Management Institute.

Heather Plamondon

Heather Plamondon is a Public Safety Project Manager under contract with San Mateo County OES to oversee various special projects. Her most recent projects include the implementation of WebEOC within the County and the cities in the County, and the facilitation of a working group to rewrite the Emergency Services Joint Power Authority Agreement. Heather has a background in Public Safety and Homeland Security Project Management, Grant Administration, Contract Management, Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Planning. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from San Jose State University.

Incident Command System (ICS) Forms

ICS Form 201, Incident Briefing (PDF; 11kb)
ICS Form 202, Incident Objectives (PDF; 41kb)
ICS Form 203, Organization Assignment List (PDF; 49kb)
ICS Form 204, Assignment List (PDF; 47kb)
ICS Form 205, Incident Radio Communications Plan (PDF; 43kb)
ICS Form 206, Medical Plan (PDF; 44kb)
ICS Form 207, Organizational Chart (PDF; 34kb)
ICS Form 209, Incident Status Summary (PDF; 113kb)
ICS Form 210, Status Change Card (PDF; 23kb)
ICS Form 211, Check-In List (PDF; 14kb)
ICS Form 213, General Message (PDF; 33kb)
ICS Form 214, Unit Log (PDF; 42kb)
ICS Form 215, Operational Planning Worksheet (PDF; 53kb)
ICS Form 216, Radio Requirements Worksheet (PDF; 46kb)
ICS Form 217, Radio Frequency Assignment Worksheet (PDF; 110kb)
ICS Form 218, Support Vehicle Inventory (PDF; 47kb)
ICS Form 219-2, Card Stock - Green (Crew) (PDF; 4kb)
ICS Form 219-4, Card Stock - Blue (Helicopter) (PDF; 4kb)
ICS Form 219-6, Card Stock - Orange (Aircraft) (PDF; 4kb)
ICS Form 219-7, Card Stock - Yellow (Dozer) (PDF; 4kb)
ICS Form 220, Air Operations Summary (PDF; 56kb)
ICS Form 221, Demobilization Plan (PDF; 108kb)
ICS Form 221 Page 1, Demobilization Checkout (PDF; 4kb)
Instructions for Completing the Demobilization Checkout (PDF; 4kb)
ICS Form 226, Individual Personnel Rating (PDF; 35kb)
ICS Form 308, Resource Order Form - Front (PDF; 7kb)
ICS Form 308, Resource Order Form - Back (PDF; 6kb)
ICS Form 308, Resource Order Form - Example (PDF; 257kb)


WebEOC® is a Situational Awareness application used by San Mateo County Emergency Services personnel, municipalities, and other Mutual Aid organizations to monitor and manage activities during an incident, be it a routine incident or a large scale event. WebEOC® can be used during the planning, mitigation, response and recovery phases of any emergency. Using boards, menus, tools, plug-ins, and links, WebEOC® helps users build reports, request assistance, deploy resources, store documents, map almost anything, and more. It is pre-configured to enable any authorized agency to begin using it almost immediately. Using common ICS terminology and familiar form structure, this system is intended to support staff within the Emergency Operations Center by providing a real time, on-line communication mechanism.