One of the many missions of The County of San Mateo Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security is to maintain and improve the Countywide Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  The EOP is the base plan that governs the roles and responsibilities of the County in times of extrordinary emergency or disaster.  Through the efforts of the Office of Emergency Services and all of the City and Town Emergency Coordinators throughout the county the EOP was revised and accepted by the Emergency Services Council and submitted for acceptance to the Board of Supervisors.

This revised EOP of May 22, 2015 reflects the nationally recognized best practices in an Emergency Operations Plan describing the emergency management phases in brief and incorporating annexes which contain the detailed actions and poloicies needed based on the type of disaster.

This new EOP willl provide the county with a more comprehensive Emergency Management Program.  Flexible enough to deal with any disaster that may effect the county, and insuring the quick and efficient restoration of services to the residents of San Mateo County.

EOP Primary Documents

Download the EOP Basic Plan

Download the EOP Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

EOC Position Checklists

Download the EOC Director Position Checklist

Download the EOC Public Information Officer Position Checklist

Download the EOC Operations Section Chief Position Checklist

Download the EOC Plans Section Chief Position Checklist

Download the EOC Logs Section Chief Position Checklist

Download the EOC Finance and Admin Section Chief Checklist

EOP Emergency Functions

Download EF1 Transportation

Download EF2 Communications

Download EF3 Construction Engineering

Download EF4 Fire and Rescue

Download EF5 Emergency Management

Download EF6 Care and Shelter

Download EF7 Resources

Download EF8 Public Health

Download EF9 Search & Rescue

Download EF10 Hazardous Materials

Download EF11 Agriculture

Download EF12 Utilities

Download EF13 Law Enforcement

Download EF14 Long Term Recovery

Download EF15 Public Information

Download EF16 Evacuation

Download EF17 Volunteer and Donation Management



A Mutual Aid Agreement and pre-plan is a crucial element to have in place prior to an incident to insure the quick resolution of the community following a disaster.  Mutual Aid Plans have been in place for the fire service and law enforcement in San Mateo County for many years.  Through the efforts of Public Works Directors throughout the county and led by Director Randy Breault of Brisbane, a similar Mutual Aid Agreement has been put into place for the Public Works functions within the county.  This agreement covers the sharing of resources in times of disaster and when extraordinary circumstances occur requiring additional resources beyond what a single city has available. 

Download the Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement



Download the Countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan revised 2016 Volume 1

Download the Countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan revised 2016 Volume 2